Grand Hotel Diana Majestic
Description of the facility and training project

The Hotel Diana Majestic is a charming hotel located along the Ligurian coast in Diano Marina and has all the facilities for relax and wellness. It includes three restaurants, a wine terrace, two swimming pools that are part of a 300-square-metre swimming facility, a private beach and a Pool Side Snacks Restaurant.

The resort contacted us to get an objective perception of the service offered to the guest through the Mystery Guest activity and to develop areas for staff improvement through on-the-job coaching.

Project brief

on-the-job coaching hours


Mystery Guest


hours of one-to-one meetings

Training topics
  • Initial Mystery Guest activities in order to define the starting situation of the path in terms of areas of strength and improvement
  • Following the first Mystery Guest, on-the-job coaching activities were carried out during staff work to develop the areas of improvement that emerged
  • Final Mystery Guest to understand the effectiveness of the training activities carried out and to highlight the actual improvement in the service offered to guests.