Quality Policy

The Company Management of Hospite S.r.l., in keeping with its tradition, has always set as its key goal the provision of consultancy, training and coaching paths in the area of the development of people in the world of hospitality.

On the basis of the analysis of the market context, the requirements of the stakeholders and the mandatory requirements, the Management has defined the following main strategic objectives:

  • create a customer-centric company, in order to maintain a high level of satisfaction of all stakeholders
  • pursue the continuous improvement of operational processes and procedures, in order to maintain a constantly evolving market position
  • develop a widespread ecosystem among the key players in the hospitality business, in order to generate a change in attitude and attractiveness that will create a positive heritage for future generations

In order to pursue these goals with consistency, effectiveness and constancy, the Company Management recognises as a priority the need to establish and maintain a Quality Management System that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

This system is applied to all the activities carried out that are the purpose of the company’s mission.

The definition and implementation of the Quality Management System has been entrusted by the Board of Management of Hospite S.r.l. to the Quality Service, created for this purpose and completely independent of the other functions, whose Manager reports directly to the Company Management. Independence is also guaranteed for all Hospite S.r.l.’s employees, as the Management guarantees that they are not subject to commercial, financial or any other kind of pressure.

La Politica per la Qualità di Hospite S.r.l. è orientata a:

  • provide consultancy, training and coaching services and tools to host companies in order to convey, to small, medium and large enterprises, the necessary update on the importance and centrality of investing in people to achieve the desired economic and financial performance
  • enable client to be more competitive by organising consultancy, training and coaching courses aligned with the company’s strategic goals
  • guarantee high flexibility and adaptability to customers’ functional needs, through the support of numerous e-learning courses
  • provide highly qualifying and professionalising theoretical and practical training courses for industry professionals, developed with a close link to business and market needs
  • provide fast, effective and comprehensive customer service
  • strive for excellence in the service provided, by defining and applying criteria for the selection and qualification of consultants/teachers, based on their proven ability to provide adequate training services and on their competence in the specific sector covered by the training activity, enabling them to share their professional experience directly with the participants
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • promote a systemic approach to company processes through the adoption of standard tools and methodologies
  • share at all company levels the culture of quality and compliance with the requirements of the standard
  • promote the risk-based thinking approach within the organisation.

The Policy expressed above is concretely implemented through

  • the definition of specific measurable goals and indicators, periodically monitored
  • the availability of the necessary resources
  • the participative behaviour of all company staff

The Quality Policy is periodically checked, during the Management Review, in its adequacy in the light of any changes in circumstances and knowledge.
Quality goals are defined annually during the Management Review of Hospite S.r.l. and communicated to all company levels.

Finally, the Management is committed to supporting every decision taken by the Quality Manager in the field of Quality-related issues and formally ensures that adequate initiatives are taken (dissemination, awareness, involvement and participation in training or refresher courses) so that the established Quality Management System is understood, implemented and maintained by all staff.