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Professionista della Guest Experience: technique meets experience

Pubblicato: 06 Apr 2023

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On 24 MarchProfessionista della Guest Experience”, a book published by Dario Flaccovio Editore, written by Nicola Bolzan and Alberto Tita and defined by the authors themselves as a concentrate of passion, experience, techniques and tools for all professionals in the luxury and hospitality sector, was released in all bookshops.

Why did this book come about?

Over the years, we have become aware of the importance of defining, elaborating and redesigning guest and customer experiences, which, today more than ever, must be taken care of down to the smallest detail. We therefore decided to market what for us was a missing piece: a real manual in harmony with our values to enclose methodologies, tools and experiences.

Based on this decision, we started working on the design of the book, putting our method and the testimonials of some of the most professionally known faces at national and international level down on paper.

Who is the book aimed at?

This handbook is aimed at all those who wish to get involved in creating unique experiences for guests and customers. The methodologies presented are addressed not only to those who hold the role of General Manager or Guest Experience Manager, but also to all other professionals working in the world of luxury and hospitality. This is because everyone makes a difference along the entire experiential journey of those who invest their time in the hotel and it is everyone’s task to enhance their knowledge in order to grow and always offer the best.

How is the book structured?

Exactly because we wanted to create an experiential book, each chapter is structured to provide in the first part the theory, tools, some reflection questions and short exercises. Then, at the end of the chapter, it is possible to immerse oneself in the stories, interviews and experiences of well-known professionals in the industry, which allow the reader to immerse him/herself in a concrete way in the topics covered in the various chapters. Finally, the second appendix is devoted entirely to individual exercise to integrate the concepts learnt in a practical way.

What topics are covered specifically?

The content in the text embraces the theme of guest and customer experience with a strategic and attentive eye. It begins with a journey through the history of this idea of customer experience, with the identification of one’s target and identity. Then we enter the phase of defining the value proposition, structuring the experience and delivery. The next focus is the fundamental measurement of the delivered experience and the design of next steps through the analytical and objective interpretation of feedback aimed at improving and redesigning the experience. Finally, the reader is taken towards the concepts of loyalty, advocacy and a reflection on the guest experience of the future is shared.

Who are the professionals who contributed to the book?

The preface of the book is by Ezio Indiani, General Manager since 2005 of the historic Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. The first appendix, on the other hand, is by Sara Abdel Masih, founder of SAM (Sensory Academy Management), lecturer and guest lecturer at the IULM University in Milan.

The contributors in the text are: Heinz Beck, Valerio Beltrami, Antonio Boccia, Gianluca Borgna, Marina Bruno, Alessandro Cabella, Franca Cesarotto, Luca Chiesa, Lorenzo Giannuzzi, Danilo Guerrini, Alessio Ianna, Rudolf J. Nocker, Michele Prete, Stefano Prete, Andrea Prevosti and Diego Renda.

May this book be a starting point for all readers to evolve in this field.

We wish you all good reading!

Nicola Bolzan, Alberto Tita and Hospite Team