Mystery Audit
The strategic tool for measuring guest and customer satisfaction and providing excellent service.
Mystery Audit
We measure and analyse the quality of your service and the emotional experience of your guests and customers.

Through a detailed and tailor-made analysis, we together define your needs and schedule one or more mystery audits in your facility. We assign our internationally certified mystery auditors to carry out the incognito audit and then we observe together with you the results that emerge from the report, drawn up at the end of the experience.

Why schedule a Mystery Audit:

Each Audit Project is created on the basis of the business needs that represent our goal of analysis. Through a descriptive, analytical and technological tool, we can measure multiple factors that, together, represent the value of your organisation in economic and interpersonal terms with guests and customers. In detail, the Mystery Guest is useful for:

To improve guest and customer satisfaction
To obtain an in-depth insight into how your facility is perceived externally
To observe the quality of interactions between guests and staff
To measure lost revenue opportunities
To optimally compete in the market
To optimise revenue and minimise communication mistakes with guests and customers
To observe and improve loyalty programmes
To verify the application of standards in your facility
What we observe, measure and analyse:
Quality of service provided
Areas of strength and improvement in each department
Quality of the emotional experience experienced by the guest and/or customer
Missed Revenue Opportunities (MRO)
Standards of service and behaviour
Communication between departments
Level of leadership and emotional intelligence
Attitude to sales and proactivity
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Who do we address?
4 and 5 star hotels
Restaurant business
Wine Hospitality
Spa & Wellness
Luxury Retail
Luxury Event
Camping & Resort
VIP Services
An Example of Mystery Audit Analysis
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Mystery Audit Report
intuitiveness, convenience, effectiveness

Hospite's methodology is based on three fundamental pillars: intuitiveness for the reading of Mystery Guest reports, practicability and effectiveness of what is observed and reported.

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Your frequently
asked questions
Write to us at and we will schedule an in-depth call to understand your facility/company's needs and then organise the incognito audit.
The Mystery Audit service is not a tool for judging people, it is not a tool to punish staff or to certify particular merits. It serves to analyse the service offered, to understand what works best and what can be improved.
Our Mysteries are professionals who have been selected and trained in our own Academy. In addition, all the Mysteries involved in our consultancy projects are those who have passed the mandatory examination following the training course. Each Mystery therefore holds the internationally recognised certification from the Institute of Hospitality in London.
We currently offer four types of audits, designed and developed according to the target audience: the luxury hotel industry, the retail world, wine hospitality and the restaurant business.
After the sharing we always recommend starting the next step, i.e. training and coaching for the staff involved in order to develop all those areas for improvement that emerged from the Mystery Audit.
It depends on the type of establishment and the needs of the management. Typically, the Mystery Audit has a minimum duration of one night and a maximum of 7 for luxury resorts.
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