Mioni Pezzato Hotel

The Mioni Pezzato is a spa hotel with 179 rooms.

The year-round hotel belongs to the Mioni family who have been running it personally since 1915, the year of its foundation. In the last 10 years the hotel has continued to grow successfully, being able to expand its team from 50 to 110 employees.

The hotel welcomes about 100,000 guests a year and has a thermal garden with 16,000 square meters of park and 1,200 square meters of water.


See below the Hotel General Manager’s video interview.

Musat Vasile Alessandro
- Restaurant/Bar Department -

The sales techniques training organized by Hospite has been in my opinion very useful, relevant to our work and really well structured. A thank goes to the trainers who held the course, I must say they are very well prepared and professional. Obviously, thanks also to the Mioni Pezzato company that gave the participants this important opportunity to growth.

Eleonora Brasolin
- Reception Department -

The courses were well structured and the trainers, who are highly prepared and professional, were able to convey indications and concepts in a very precise and engaging way. The suggestions provided were the result of a personalized analysis of the participants that enabled us to make some reflections, useful for self-improvement at work.

Vlad Golovatenco
- FOM -

The training with Hospite has been an enlightening journey of self-discovery.
 The passion of the trainers is overwhelming, it involves you and takes you on an introspective path.
 The best results can only be achieved if the limiting beliefs that everyone tends to have are shaken from the ground. The trainers are very good at this, but they are not limited to this, they guide you step by step and support you in the path of overcoming your self-imposed limits