Training COURSE
People Management & Team Engagement

The training course to consciously develop leadership and create a healthy, attractive and stimulating working environment.

Course details


3 days

Total hours:

20 hours


limited number

Training method:

in person

People Management & Team Engagement
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People Management & Team Engagement
8/9/10 November 2024

Location to be defined

People Management & Team Engagement
24/25/26 January 2025

Location to be defined

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Course Goal

Managing a group of people is not easy, even less so is transforming them into a team and creating the right environment for talent to grow. The goal of this course is to give participants concrete tools to develop their leadership, coordinate group dynamics and build the basis of a working environment that is functional to the natural development of individual talent, to unlock the team’s potential.

What will you be able to do after the course

Understanding the teambuilding process and its strategic value

Define clear goals and specific action plans, for you and the team

Clearly manage your leadership development

Providing conscious, growth-oriented feedback

Leading the team thoughtfully through the different conflicts

Develop problem solving and decision making techniques

Recognise different leadership styles, in order to interact calmly with them

Program, contents and timetable
20 hours of training
First day
10:00 - 18:00
Second day
10:00 - 18:00
Third day
10:00 - 17:00
Didactic Method

In order to maximize the training efficiency and to understand the usefulness of the techniques and tools presented, the course provides the participants with several exercises and simulations of situations that actually happened.

Classroom theoretical training

Theory provides participants with all the tools, key concepts and fundamental knowledge to develop their own leadership and to enhance the talents of the teams and people they work with.

Group exercises and role play

Practical exercises and role plays raise participants' awareness and train them in a concrete and real way on leadership, feedback and clear goal setting.

Individual exercises

Individual work during the three training days allows participants to put theoretical concepts and topics into practice and encourages direct confrontation with the lecturers.

Online training

Following the course participation, students have access to the Digital Academy platform to deepen topics covered in the classroom and to further qualify themselves professionally.


Target audience

Primarily aimed at HR and managers, this course is for anyone wishing to learn personal and managerial tools to create a healthy, attractive and stimulating working environment. In order to have a homogeneous and well-attended classroom, the course is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. The training will be delivered in Italian and the following are required: - basic knowledge of the world of hospitality - knowledge of the English language

General Manager
HR Manager / Head of Service
Students and people wishing to develop their leadership

Exam and acknowledgement

The acknowledgement depends on achieving at least 85% marks in the final exam. The exam consists of the creation of project work following the classroom training.

<p><strong>Exam and acknowledgement </strong></p>

12 months of Digital
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In order to complement the classroom training and support you over time in increasing your technical and transversal skills, we have chosen to include in the course fee 12 months access to our Digital Academy. The Hosco video training platform. – Lobster Ink video training platform, provided by Hospite and used by brands such as Hilton, Mandarin Oriental and Marriott, gives you access to:

More than 300 hours of training

technical and soft skills training on the whole world of hospitality

37 learning paths

to consolidate and acquire skills in specific subjects

186 individual courses
For enrolments within 40 days before the chosen course, there is a -15% discount applied to the total cost of the course. Book an in-depth call for details and purchase the course in our online shop.

Per le iscrizioni entro i 40 giorni prima del corso scelto è prevista una scontistica del -15% applicata al costo complessivo del corso. Prenota una call di approfondimento per conoscere i dettagli e acquistare il corso sul nostro shop online.


There are two scholarships covering 50% of the course value for two candidates. The profiles of young people under 30 (students, professionals and people wishing to grow and reposition themselves professionally) will be evaluated. To apply, it is necessary to book an in-depth call and then send an e-mail with your CV and a cover letter, specifying in the subject line "Application for scholarship".
The net amount to be paid must be paid in one single transaction within 3 days after confirmation of the scholarship award.

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Corporate rate

Would you like to purchase one or more courses for your staff, or has your company decided to invest in your professional training by purchasing a course for you? With the corporate rate you are entitled to a discount of -15% on the total cost, even a few days before the start of the course, depending on the availability of classroom places.

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Your frequently
asked questions
A basic knowledge of the world of hospitality and a strong interest in human relations and specifically with guests and customers are required. Good analytical skills and familiarity with the main digital tools complete the profile.
The course is aimed both at managers who want to enhance their skills and at junior managers (or people who want to become one in the near future) who want to approach their role in the right spirit.
The exam consists of a project work following the classroom training. You have one month from the end of the course to complete and hand in your paper.
Absolutely yes, the course is ideal for all people interested in the topic of leadership and team management also in other sectors, such as Retail and Wellness. Applications for candidates from other sectors will be individually examined.
Certainly, you can participate individually or in a group with your colleagues and/or co-workers. For enrolments of several people from the same company, special prices are offered.
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